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[SERIES] Secret weapon! Second makeup model with Ella Bache

“My second makeup model is Kitty, and I was so flattered to get compliment from my tutor for beautifying Kitty’s skin at ‘perfect’ state, guess how?” “The answer may not surprise you, but putting on a moisturizing mask is an important step, way before sitting down for the whole makeup process! I mentioned before how […]

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Peeling or Exfoliating? Plus a Review on Guinot Biological Peeling Radiance Gel

From customer feedbacks in the past few weeks, we are pretty sure there’s quite a confusion on using peeling gel and exfoliator. We see summer times always motivate people to work harder on their skin: we need more hydration and exfoliation as we ourselves are more active, heading outside to stay under the heat and […]

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Gatineau or MATIS? A Comparison Between Purifying Creams

It’s hard to recall when was the last time we’ve brought Gatineau to Abloomnova’s brand list, but recently we found a goody to share with you after our summer series on Matis Shine Control Purifying Care. This emulsion is gaining its popularity again, for its matte finish, and great performance for oily skin to reduce […]