From customer feedbacks in the past few weeks, we are pretty sure there’s quite a confusion on using peeling gel and exfoliator. We see summer times always motivate people to work harder on their skin: we need more hydration and exfoliation as we ourselves are more active, heading outside to stay under the heat and light, and our skin cells might not be able to catch up with all the changes and start piling up dead skin cells and causing dull skin and tiny little white/blackheads around our face!

To talk about the difference between a peeling gel and exfoliator, the core thing is their texture- exfoliator is helping to take off all the flakes and coarseness that you can actually feel when you touch your skin- the particles in exfoliator will “grind” across these edges and smooth them out, you may check on Denise’s experience on our Guinot Exfoliating Cream, her skin definitely went from coarse to smooth (brighter!), where its fine quality micro-beans took away the dirt and gave her an even skin tone. Yet, sometimes exfoliator is not suitable for acne skin, because we don’t want to further enlarge or damage our damaged skin.

A quality exfoliator is an essential upgraded version of our natural DIY scrubs (olive oil + sugar), but peeling gel is a total different case, it works chemically on your skin to give you a glowy and dewy skin. With the Guinot Biological Peeling Radiance Gel, it gently removes dead skin cells when you take your time to massage your face, until the gel turns into oil, it actually activate as a keratolytic action, along its natural fruit acids, making the gel a very effective way to treat any skin type to peel away any excessive dead skin cells, so to let the new ones come to the surface and shine!

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