How to treat Acne

There’s nothing worse than having Acne on your face, in comparing to other types of skin condition, it’s the most visible and causes embarrassment of individual to feel less confident and comfortable. When it gets too serious, Acne could spread from your face and shoulder to your back. But Abloomnova are coming in show the best of you.  See? As we ‘see’ them, that means we can directly face them through our skin care products. As well as step by step in breaking down details and secrets about our health condition and factors that could lead to our acne skin type, we believe there is always a way to achieve the best treatment and result, and here’s how we would like to recommend you in taking action;


Like any other acne skin care articles, first thing is not to pick your pimples, squeezing them is eventually damaging an even greater area of your skin. Especially if such rash came without a sign, dirt from one pimple will be left on your skin and triggering even more pimples to grow.

Think of the experience we all had; there is always desperation and depression remaining after picking pimples, it never helps in healing isn’t that right?  Even professional dermatologists need to get you to process with certain type of cream before ending up in treatment room to start the ‘real fight’ with your skin.

We highly recommended you to start with some gentle treatment like tea tree oil or a serum when you have found one or two pimples on your skin. It is also great if you stay with the most basic skin cleansing routine, an to take every step slowly, by taking 30 seconds to massage each area (forehead, sides of face and jaw, cheeks, nose and chin) of your face.

After your skin has been well covered and cleansed throughout, apply your toner using gentle circular motion. Then you should follow with an acne cream or serum. And at the end apply a light moisturizer, try to use the warmth from your hands in letting the moisturizer to be absorbed while you massage your face. Choosing a light moisturizer will insure you are not clogging your pore. Remember you can also use purifying mask once a week, but make sure you avoid the irritated acne part of your skin for this (Click here for our Youtube channel for info on our recommended mask).


From our Youtube video, we have mentioned the importance of having a healthy diet to stay away from acne, to stop having sugary and junk food and replace it with diversity of fruits.  Not only you can easily get something fresh and cheap from the market, you can also get some inspiration from juicing for acne. We found that carrots are rich in vitamin A that contains essential nutrients in healing acne; also, drinking apple cider vinegar daily in the morning can helps in cleanses your digestive system that gradually leaves your skin healthy.  Stay positive, it will attracts you brilliant and beautiful skin!


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