Do you suffer from enlarged pores?

Thalgo-M-Ceutic-Intensive-Peel-Peeling-Suractive-abloomnova.net_ Do you suffer from enlarged pores?

If you suffer from enlarged pores, you might wonder what causes the problem. Sometimes it’s genetic, and they appear on skin quite early on. Other times, they appear in our thirties, as our skin start to show the first signs of ageing.

So what causes them? Women’s Health Mag has a few theories.

Inadequate facials
Facials can clear out pores—if done by the right hands. Make sure the aesthetician is cleaning out only the clogged pores—not every pore. If you manipulate those that don’t need extraction, they may stretch out permanently.  Traumatised pores can develop scar tissue that creates an indentation deeper than the pore itself.

Between facial appointments, de-gunk pores (so your skin requires fewer extractions in the first place!) by using an exfoliating cleanser or a cleansing brush.

You had acne as a teen.
The enlarged sebaceous glands that caused them way back when may have never properly shrunk, even if you’re no longer producing a lot of oil. Some experts recommend cosmetic procedures, but we prefer gentler topical treatment for this kind of pore enlargement.

You’re wearing makeup to hide them—but it’s actually enhancing them.
Powders may settle into those bitty holes over the course of the day, making them appear larger. Alexiades-Armenakas says she has also seen instances in which mica or talc has become caught inside a pore, enlarging it for good. Before applying makeup, put on a primer to seal your pores.

One of our bestselling products is Thalgo M-Ceutic Intensive Peel – Peeling Suractive, which is best for those with problem skin, prone to breakouts or someone concerned with ageing, thickening skin or open, enlarged pores. M-Ceutic’s Intense Peel provides enzymatic exfoliation with Papain (5%) which is as effective as Glycolic Acid used to boost the skin’s radiance. It also provides a chemical exfoliation to the skin with stabilised vitamin C which is more effective than regular vitamin C as it perfects the skin’s surface by eliminating irregularities.

This is one of the first Cosmeceutical skincare range with patented Mésolift Marine. A real technological feat for anti-ageing, this 100% marine bio-regenerative solution delivering its post-revitalising essential nutrients to the heart of the skin to help reactive the fundamental metabolism of skin cells. A clinically-tested, very high-performance range from Thalgo.

Active ingredients:
• Papain (5%) (Papaya extract) – gentle enzymatic exfoliant.
• Ascorbic acid (stabilized Vitamin C derivative) (3%) – AHA-type chemical exfoliant promotes exfoliation of the upper layers of the epidermis.
• The enzymatic action of Papain is doubled with a chemical exfoliation due to vitamin C, an AHA-type exfoliant.

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