How to moisturise in cold weather

Babor-Skinovage-Px-Pure-Purifying-Anti-Aging-Cream-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How to moisturise in cold weather
Do you know how to moisturise in cold weather? Your skin needs extra TLC when exposed to the elements, so if you go through cold weather in the winter months, you’ll need to be equipped with a great moisturiser. Here’s some tips from Refinery29.
Start from within
As we dive deeper into winter, look at your diet and how it might be affecting your skin. As I mentioned in January, your diet (especially if it’s high in sodium, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol) can play a huge role in what’s going on with your skin. If you lean toward having more of a sensitive, pink cheeked, pre-rosacea type of skin, steer clear of foods that make you “blush and flush,” like red wine, tomatoes, spicy foods, and dairy. To combat dry, flaky skin in the winter, reach for foods or a supplement rich in omegas 3’s and GLAs to replenish lost lipids in your skin — walnuts, salmon, sardines, flax seeds, and evening primrose oil all nourish skin from within.
A better cleanser
If you suddenly notice your skin has dry, scaly patches, it’s peeling in places, or stings or bites when exposed to the cold, then it’s time to switch your cleanser. Anything highly foaming, artificially fragranced, with scrubbing beads, glycolic acid, or high levels of acne-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide may over-strip natural oils, remove too many cells, and compromise the skin’s barrier. Switch to a creamy, fragrance-free gentle cleanser for the winter months. Your skin should not feel tight, look red, or sting once you’ve toweled off. And, if it is, consult with a skin care professional on finding a more suitable option.
It’s a myth that you should avoid exfoliating completely when temperatures drop. In fact, gently sloughing flaky cells will brighten skin and aid your soothing serum and moisturiser to get in and do their jobs. Be sure to choose a micro daily exfoliation product rather than using power tools (like at-home dermabrasion gadgets and spinning brushes), crushed nut shells, or concentrated acids. Choose a renewal serum that you can mix with your moisturizer to buffer the effects — or, pick an exfoliating fluid applied beneath your moisturizer that hydrates and calms with aloe and hyaluronic acid but stimulates new cells from below with ingredients like lactic acid, salicylic acid, hibiscus, apple, and citrus fruit extracts.

Calm the itch and reduce the red
Reduce the red by using a calming spritz throughout the day when your skin feels itchy and hot. For serious sensitivity and irritation, add a concentrated calming serum to your regimen, or a weekly masque. Look for one with skin soothing botanicals like oat kernel, ginger, panthenol, sunflower, and avocado oil. These also work wonders for any skin irritation emergency from bug bites and nickel allergies, to eczema ailments like itchy inner elbows and knees, all exacerbated in winter months. Dry, sensitive types have a higher tendency toward redness and fragile capillaries, so it’s best to neutralise and diminish the appearance of pink cheeks and red noses with a green tinted primer or concealer applied beneath your makeup. Look for one that does triple duty of hiding, treating, and protecting with SPF from natural earth minerals, zinc oxides, and extracts of chamomile, green tea, and licorice to tone down redness.

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How to use:
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Active ingredients:

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  • Magnolia, African Whitewood Extract – Calm and clarify.
  • Vitamin E – Antioxidant; Heals and prevents free radical damage.
  • Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil – Nourish and condition.

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