Little makeup tricks for mature skin

Babor-Skinovage-PX-Advanced-Biogen-Anti-Aging-BB-Cream-SPF20-02-Medium-abloomnova.net_ Little makeup tricks for mature skin

Ageing skin needs a different approach to makeup. While we could get away with heavy eyes and dark lipstick when we were younger, mature skin is all about attracting light. Little tricks from makeup artists are brilliant, and here, they come from

Overly made-up skin is a one-way ticket to looking a lot older than you actually are. If you have dark circles or some sun spots, dot a tiny bit of concealer on the inner corners of your eyes or on those spots, not all over the place. And while letting your skin show through may seem counterintuitive, the more skin you can see, the better. As long as it is well-hydrated, fresh skin looks much more youthful than an obviously covered complexion.

Tinted moisturizers with luminescent particles or lightweight liquid foundations are best for lined skin. Unlike pressed powder, which settles into wrinkles and makes the skin look even older, a light-reflective liquid formula creates the illusion of a glowing complexion. To apply foundation flawlessly, use either a damp sponge or a foundation brush to dot it all over your face in tiny amounts. It’s a good idea to use powder to set it so it doesn’t smear into lines. Just dust on a loose translucent formula, avoiding the eye area completely.

One product for mature skin that we adore is Babor Skinovage PX Advanced Biogen Anti-Aging BB Cream SPF20 – 02 Medium, a tinted anti-ageing cream with SPF20 for daily use. Alpine stem cells, OsmoTec and other selected active ingredients provide protection against premature skin ageing and free radicals. Provides intensive moisture while promoting smooth skin and a radiant complexion. Your complexion looks fresh and your skin tone is visibly even.


  • Active protection from premature aging and free radicals.
  • Visually evens skin tone.
  • A vitalised, rosy-fresh, radiant appearance.

How to use:
Apply to the face every morning as a tinted cream.

Active ingredients:

  • Alpine stem cells
  • OsmoTec
  • Squalane – strengthens the skin’s natural barrier.
  • Vitamin E – traps free radicals.
  • Lactic acid – moisturising.
  • Avocado oil
  • Paraben free

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