Sagging skin and a Thalgo wonder product

Sagging-skin-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Sagging skin and a Thalgo wonder product

As we get older, our bodies reduce the amount of collagen produced. Collagen is a key element in the youthfulness of the skin in our early years. It gives our skin the plumpness and softness that we relate to young skin.

As the production of collagen decreases, our skin becomes looser and begins to produce wrinkles. These signs are some of the first signals of maturing skin, and can have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance.

So how do you combat this effect? If you’re concerned by your ageing skin, try Thalgo Silicium Extracts – Extraits Silicium 15ml which is one of Abloomnova’s best sellers. This is loved by many of our customers who want to specifically address the appearance of skin slackening in the facial contours and neck.

Your lifting and refining secret, rich in Caffeine and Marine Silicium Complex, to specifically re-sculpt the facial contour area and neck. Silicium is naturally present in the body, especially in the skin where it combines with Hyaluronic Acid. Silicium is necessary for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The amount of Silicium greatly diminishes with ageing; hence it is necessary to supply the skin with Silicium. and reshapes the facial contours.

Apply this cream morning and/or evening from the sides of the nose down to the base of the neck under the Silicium Concentrate or the Silicium Cream, paying particular attention to the facial contours and neck. Use as a 1-month intensive course of treatment, to be repeated several times a year.

Active ingredients:

  • Almond Extracts – Polylift
  • Caffeine
  • Marine Silicium Complex
  • Meristotheca dakarensis + Jania rubens Algae
  • Matrixyl 6


Containing an extremely high concentration of firming and refining active ingredients, these Extracts have an intense lifting effect on the facial contours and neck. Used as a 28-day course of treatment, they help redefine the contours of the lower face.

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