Skin aging, wrinkles, best solutions

Japanese scientists revealed that on average at around 35 years of age people start to age dramatically. At first they believed this is like a tipping point and all the skin on a person’s body loses elasticity, collagen and hydrating ability; however this is not true at all! Different body parts have individual aging speed!  So this means elasticity might fade before the skins collagen for example.

anti-aging Skin aging, wrinkles, best solutions

That’s why you need to rethink your approach to your skin care and search for products carefully. Let’s take a look on most common beauty blind spots.

It is important to look for skin care which boosts levels of elastin in your skin – which is the spring matrix that holds fat cells in place! Also you need to look for high levels of collagen. Collagen gives skin its freshness and glow.

Some of most popular anti-aging skin care products with collagen and elastin:

  • Thalgo Collagen cream

anti-aging Skin aging, wrinkles, best solutions
Thalgo skin care products are based on marine extract goodness. A light, smooth textured day and night cream with a 100% Coconut and Maize base! It features Marine Collagen which is renowned for its powerful moisturising and anti-wrinkle properties. It also helps to prevent and diminish the appearance of the first lines and wrinkles.

  • Thalgo Ultimate Time Solution

Ultimate anti-aging skin care! Its best used for people aged 50+. This is very beneficial because from around the age of 40 the skin becomes more demanding and needs even more care so click here for skin care products which can help.

anti-aging Skin aging, wrinkles, best solutions

The solution from Thalgo is a complete anti-aging range that treats the early signs of hormonal deficiency and accelerated aging. Ultimate Time Solution skin care combines all of Thalgo’s expertise to make the skin look and feel beautiful with a youthful glow.

– Slows down the aging process – Dermo-decontracting action will visibly correct expression lines ; The skin will be lifted, firmer & bathed with youthfulness and radiance ; Rich & velvety smooth texture;  Almost 20% active ingredients ; 3 key ingredients- Argireline, Pearly ‘Sublime Pink’ and covabead soft powder.

  • Guinot Liftosome Cream


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