Why anti-ageing cream needs a bit of time to work

REN-Rose-O12-Moisture-Defence-Oil-abloomnova.net_-1600x900 Why anti-ageing cream needs a bit of time to work

How many times have you invested in a cream designed for mature skin that has promised the world, only to ditch it soon after when it hasn’t quite done what you thought it would do.

It actually turns out that you need a lesson in patience, according to the experts.

If you’re frustrated that your new anti-aging moisturizer isn’t doing its job, stick it out longer before switching. Bouncing from product to product may leave you with the impression that nothing works for your skin.

The experts in skincare recommend that you give a new product at least six weeks to produce a change in your complexion. One skin cycle takes 30 days. This means that new cells can reach the top layer of skin, so in order to see a real difference in texture, tone, and clarity, you need to use it for more than a month. If the product contains anti-aging ingredients, wait even longer. Your skin takes about four months to regenerate collagen and elastin, she says.

Which brings us on to one of our favourite anti-ageing creams – Carita Progressif Lift Fermete Genesis of Youth. Carita are well established as an expert in firming and anti-ageing care, and Jeunesse Originelle helps to preserve your skin’s youth by acting on signs of its existing and developing ageing. The exclusive Genesis Lift ingredient targets the source of imperfections to help reduce and correct loss of firmness and cutaneous elasticity.

Prepare for a face that is firmer, smoother and fuller… Your complexion is visibly transformed, its contours are redefined and sculpted. Appearing lifted, your skin radiates youth – but you may have to prepare to give your skin a bedding in period while it adjusts to Carita’s wonderfully beneficial ingredients.

Use this as a day cream, by applying in the morning to your thoroughly cleansed face, after the serum. Then use a suitable night cream in the evening.

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