Guinot history

Guinot Paris was founded by French biochemist Monsieur Guinot who introduced professional skincare treatment Cathiodermie in 1960s. It was revolution in skincare – first facial where beauty therapist use mild galvanic and high frequency to deep cleanse, ionise and oxygenate the skin. Later this treatment has been re-named as Hydradermie and it has achieved outstanding results in best beauty salons and SPA’s around the world. Later, under owner ship of Jean Daniel Mondin-a doctor of pharmacology, company introduced many unique products.

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Many products has been created in cooperation with worlds top scientists and doctors – for example Longue Vie cellulaire cream- one of most popular Guinot products now. Legendary Milieu de Vie Cellulaire –a nutritional complex vital to the existence of skin cells and their regeneration has been used now for treating mature skin as an anti-aging cream.

Also use of ATP-a natural biological molecule which releases energy essential to the vital functions of cells in creams to help deprogram the natural cell aging process has been launched in 2004.

To protect skins cellular DNA Nucleic Defense system has been developed. Nucleic Defense DNA absorbs harmful UV rays instead of the DNA in the nuclei of living cells and as a result our skin is better protected.

2005 came with sliming revolution in beauty salons – TechniSPA treatment launched, in 2009 hair removal revolution has been added to range of treatments ,2010 came with fantastic new product- Time logic Age serum.

Last news is third step in improvement of Catiodermy – Hydradermie treatment – Hydradermie Double ionisation treatment. Greater penetration of active ingridients, wider range of serum-gels to fulfil beauty aims more effectively, new electrodes to treat face, eye contour and neck makes this treatment absolute star on beauty industries sky…

This is just small part of available treatments and products from Guinot. It’s no wonder this is one of top beauty brands over the years and all over the world!


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  1. Lucy mcDougall says:

    Guinot – the best products ever. Since using from 2008 my skin is the best it has ever been. Clear and glowing. I only use Guinot and will remain to use it for the rest of my life.

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