Thalgo is a brand that has been known in the beauty industry for more than 40 years. The company was started by Mr. Bouclet. He was a pharmacist and his target was to use algae based products for medical treatments.

The sea contains over 500,000 aquatic species and 25,000 species of algae of which less than 30 are used today. The Thalgo laboratories working on these new products are looking for ways to use natural goodness of sea in effective and safe skincare products.

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Back in 1968 Thalgo was registered as a brand and the company supplied thalassotherapy centers with micronized marine algae.

Today the company manufactures cosmetics, supplements and treatments in 85 different countries. Thalgo offers a huge range of body and face treatments, supplements, sun creams – everything you need to look young, radiant inside and feel good! Thalgo offers a huge organic range for skincare, as well as products for men and bath products!

Everyone who take care of their own health and makes sure they look for natural high quality products can find something from Thalgo range, however if you feel lost – please feel free ask for help from your beauty therapist or simply send your question to, all messages will be answered!

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  1. Leanne says:

    I have been using the Thalgo Bio-Protective range for a couple of months. My skin has improved immensely in this time and everyone comments on how great my skin is looking. I’ll only use Thalgo from now on!

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