Spirulina cream from Ella Bache

What’s your style in living green? We are happy to offer you one if you haven’t started, Green- Lift with Ella Bache.

Ella Bache Crème Green- Lift is specialized for those of you who are troubled by wrinkles. Deep wrinkles would work perfectly with this product, because the key ingredient (Hyaluronic Acid) does an amazing job, by actively generating our skins into its treatment. Although we haven’t done an analysis on the feedback of this product, but the official site said 88% of users found their skin smoothed and tightened in less than a month! That’s actually one of the reason we picked this product to try at research stage, and we love it!

To be frank, you can’t go wrong with green! Let us know your thoughts on green skin care products! We might be introducing more green to our range!

Product can be found here.



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