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Guess we’ve been overwhelmed by skincare product focusing on our face? So here we are introducing other skincare that feeds other parts of you, which is basically your whole body! Guinot Minceur Chrono Logic Slimming

Guinot-slimming-300x199 F5 button : Refresh your skin

This is a body slimming cream, so if:
– you’ve been losing weight, and your body couldn’t react well and result of cellulite
– you have been exercising with minimal stretching, which easily result with odd cellulite
– you naturally having cellulite in particular areas (e.g. underarms)
– you’ve suffered from “orange peel” due to edema
– you have very nasty bulges aside your legs
– you’ve been gaining weight ( I know how it feels, must be that little devil double choc cookie!)

Anywhere you have found cellulite, under any reasons..

Abloomnova has stocked up Guinot Minceur Chrono Logic Slimming for you!

This cream is more than a normal slimming gel/cream you can get, compare to other slimming cream product in the market, it feels more like a serum-cream, while some of the others are more watery, and when I apply it to my thighs, it feels a bit sticky but quickly penetrates the skin! While having lists of products to try out, its effectiveness has made me concentrate and stick with it, for a recommended 15 days intensive treatment, my terrible, terrible cellulite which has stayed with me for the whole winter has finally came to an end! So it won’t scare me or pile up my laziness with my running routine, the product repeatedly mentioned on its highly concentrated ingredients, so I can guaranteed you that price is well worth with such a qualitative product! You Guinot lovers would know!

To use it, you need to use it in circular movements, you will get a firmer and smoother skin in 15 days, get a body brush which helps with cellulite as well, you can easily grab one in any drugstores! And have our body scrub and shower gel to go with your routine, your total refreshing treatment to active the circulation and start their movement benefits your health as well!

I always said we need to be determined to achieve a body we would love to stay in, these stubborn cellulite are sometime body reflecting your health condition, as you can tell the muscles under your skin hasn’t got enough circulation from workout or stretching, I would suggest all you techies to go on Youtube and get your personal trainer, stick with one or two teachers who have tutorials on how to stretch your body out. To get your body moving, along with our products, your body is probably the one who never fails you, for whatever you do with it, it will reflect accordingly, so have your workout routine and start to kick away cellulite!



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