Professional skin care products and consultation

Professional-skin-care-products-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Professional skin care products and consultation

If you really want a fresh perspective on your skin before investing in professional skin care products, we advise you to take a consultation with a professional.

The Beauty Issue has a few steps on how to go about getting a pro to look at your complexion. This isn’t someone on a beauty counter, or advice on the internet. This is a face to face meeting with someone who has studied the science of skin.

So without further ado, find out more about how you can go about getting a proper in depth look at your dermis.

  1. Your skin should always be examined prior to any product recommendation.

Even if you have found yourself in a department store, if your skin has not been accurately diagnosed, how can they possibly recommend anything for you?

  1. They will ask the right questions in a way that reveals what your concerns are.

If it feels right, then don’t be shy about sharing your skin care concerns. This is important. The skill of the professional will also be determined by what they uncover. They will instinctively know the right questions to ask you and explain to you exactly what’s going on with your skin. They can put a name to your concerns and share their solutions.

  1. They will listen to your concerns over and above their need to sell you a product. (The sign of a true professional)

Once recognised, your skin care professional should be able to explain to you how and why your skin is the way it is and why the ingredients in any product recommended is going to work for you. If they don’t understand your skin how can they possibly offer you solutions?

   4. They should welcome your questions and be able to answer all of them.

But, if they’re really good, they’ve anticipated your worries and they’ve already addressed them. They are well on their way to earning your trust. They know their stuff.

  1. The key active ingredients in a product do matter!!

They can and will explain the key active ingredients in a way that you understand but also, that makes complete sense to you. You will walk away knowing why (xyz) ingredient is going to diminish your skin care issue.

  1. Facts should be laid bare and all options provided to you.

At this point, how much you want to spend should be a secondary consideration. Of course how much you spend is important, but getting the right advice and knowing what is available to you and the best approach to take over the coming weeks and months in order to get the results you are hoping for should come first.

  1. It’s time to make a plan.

Even if you have plenty of disposable cash to spend on your skin, go slowly, allow your skin time to rejuvenate itself.  Take baby steps before moving on to more intensive products or treatments.  Allow time for your skin to become stronger and your confidence in your skin care professional to grow. A true professional will have no interest in bombarding you with products. They will create a plan for your skin. This is not a quick fix, this is long-term results.

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