[SERIES] My first makeup model with Guniot Hydrazone

guinot [SERIES] My first makeup model with Guniot Hydrazone

The first makeup model I invited is my best friend Claire, she works at a pastry factory for a chained cafe, and her job requires her to deal with a lot of heat in front of the oven for cookies, muffins and all the sweet things that make sweet tooth’s like me drools! In such working environment, not only do scars cover her arms, roughness on her nose surprised me when I was doing her makeup, “Tell your teacher I am pastry chef if he said you didn’t make the foundation perfectly bendable on my skin” she said proudly. But it didn’t happen as it would be, because the moisturizer Guinot Hydrazone was amazing!

I had a great experience with Guinot Hydrazone, and even though there are whiteheads and dryness on Claire’s face, it covers and soothes instantly and prepare a softer surface, feeling like a shield on her skin, for me to put on her foundation. My school tutor told us that moisturizer is much better than a primer for long lasting makeup, it’s our (makeup artist) job to pick the right products and skills to pad it into skin to get rid of 80% of its stickiness so then you won’t put too much loose powder on afterwards. Guinot Hydrazone isn’t that greasy, so it speeds up the whole makeup process and saves me time to give a little more flicks on her face!

And Claire also felt that her skin is fresh and hydrated after the class, the texture she felt on her skin and it actual look is different, making it so bright and pretty, especially I found everything was totally worth it when she smiles and feel happy with herself!

Abloomnova xx

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