Thalgo Relaxing Cream – Wintertime No.1 essential

I always found it difficult to stick to one single product at night, because I have a huge interest in trying out products, as you can tell. Also, I am quite a perfectionist, trying my best to strike the life balance, especially for the most basic part of our body, skins we live in, if we are feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, how can we live the way we really want?

Right, so I’ve been trying this Thalgo relaxing cream. It is especially good for wintertime like now, your skin might get tighter with bigger pores because of the heater or dehydration; don’t get too panicky with these sudden conditions caused by winter. I’ve checked many reviews online, where I agree that the relaxing cream comes rich in texture but not heavy, and because different parts of our face are feeling different levels of tightness, I can apply it on my whole face without causing a mess.

For your information, I would also like to address an important benefit in this product, if you are not a fish lover, this still give you a chance to have those high nutritional omega essential fatty acids which make your skin stay glowy!

Finally, the product can be used on the whole face, and I will gladly spend one or two more minute to massage it in circular motion into my skin, that’s very important where some of you might have missed (or lazy!). But I promise if you put in the effort to work for your skin, it would be your best respondent.

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