It’s small yet powerful – Treatment for acne/ blemishes

Solutions for problems, there’s always a way to tackle our skin: if you have very oily, shine prone skin or have seborrhoeic: we understand the problem, and we tackle these problems from time to time; so don’t get frustrated, I am here to help!

Ella Bache Crème Intex No 2 Stop Imperfection/Spots – use it on a daily basis, and keeping this in the skin care corner in your bathroom is definitely a MUST! Whenever there are breakouts and spots on your skin, add this into your skin care routine; apply a bit of it on the spot and it will help to dry and fade them out gently.

Don’t get it wrong with the stereotype that acne/ blemishes skin care products are always going to dry your skin, this tiny weapon has natural fatty acid called Cod Halibut Oil to repair and heal. With other ingredients: Thyme Essential purifies, Talcum Powder and Zinc Oxide to removes any excessive sebum, and all these are the things you need. Final words: don’t get stressed by these flaws, all your efforts on skin care will soon pay off! We all gone through those bad times don’t we?!

Product can be found here.

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