Vitamin C Facial Toner – the skin game changer

Vitamin-C-Facial-Toner-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Vitamin C Facial Toner - the skin game changer

We love DIY beauty hacks at Abloomnova HQ, and the humble vitamin C powder has been dipping in and out of our bathroom cupboards for years. We all know the benefits of lemon water in the morning, but vitamin C has an extremely powerful effect on the skin as well. In fact, Vitamin C Facial Toner has transformed our faces.

Now you can hunt down a recipe to cook it up in your own bathroom, or you can buy a selection of incredibly effective products – but more of that later.

What is it about vitamin C that is so good for the skin? According to beauty blogger Wendy at, vitamin C is a game changer as far as your skin is concerned. Using a vitamin C facial toner will mean that “you’ll probably notice a difference in your skin immediately. It’ll be softer, your complexion will be more even, acne scars will gradually fade, and your skin will overall have a more illuminated quality to it overall.”

Vitamin C is also one of the most effective ingredients to combat and prevent signs of ageing thanks to its ability to stimulate collagen production in a serious way.

Vitamin C is the preferred ingredient for collagen stimulation and various studies–including this one and this one–have proven its effectiveness. The problem, however, is that vitamin C is quite fickle and does not last long once integrated into serums, creams, toners and other beauty products. In short, it oxidizes quickly, especially when introduced to air or light, and therefore becomes ineffective.

Because of vitamin C’s unstable nature, cosmetic companies simply avoid using it and instead opt for vitamin E, vitamin A (retinoids) or other scientifically manufactured anti-aging ingredients.

Now, this is really, really important, so listen up. You must acclimate your skin to vitamin C. It is an acid, after all, and a toner that’s too potent can irritate your skin. Don’t worry, though; getting your skin used to vitamin C is actually very simple.

So what are our recommendations? Try Ella Bache Fruit d’Eclat a la Tomate Bio Teint Tonic – Certified Organic Toning Lotion and Gatineau White Plan Skin-Lightening Softening Toner. Give either a go and see what a difference a vitamin C facial toner can do to your complexion.

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