Our top five Biodroga products!

IMG_4498 Our top five Biodroga products!

We are big fans of Biodroga here at Abloomnova. We love their approach to skincare, their stand against irritants like parabens, mineral oil and emulsifiers and their innovative active ingredients which include wonder elements such as peptides, Derma Membrace Complex, BioEcolia and EGF (epidermal growth factor).

We stock their products – and even though we love them all, here’s a list of some of our faves (if you’ve noticed any signs of ageing on your skin, looseness, fine lines, dryness, loss of elasticity – read on, Biodroga should be a staple in every woman’s bathroom cupboard):

Biodroga MD Skin Booster Pore-Refining Serum

Designed to treat skin plagued by oversized or coarse pores, Biodroga MD Pore Refining Serum helps to regulate oil production and normalize moisture content to achieve balanced skin. Using a unique blend of PoreAway, a plant extract; cucumber extract; Fucogel and STPL II, this concentrated elixir refines pores, moisturizes, smoothes and clarifies for a clearer, more even complexion with renewed radiance and vibrancy. This serum is perfect for all types of skin, but particularly oily.


Reduces the look of large and rough pores.

Normalizes overactive oil production.

Reestablishes proper moisture content for balanced skin.

Clarifies and evens for a smoother-looking complexion.

No mineral oils, perfumes or parabens.

Biodroga MD Cleansing Soft Abrasion Enzyme Peeling Powder

Peelings belong to every dermaceutic skincare concept. They provide for a pore-deep cleansing and help to remove dead skin flakes so that the absorption of the ingredients of the subsequent preparations is improved.

Soft Abrasion Enzyme Peeling Powder with papain and bamboo cane powder is particularly skin-friendly. Due to the enzymatic effect it is also suited for impure skin, sensitive skin or skin tending to redness. Residuals and skin flakes are removed gently and evenly. Skin is cleansed pore-deep and its natural cell renewal is stimulated.

Biodroga Golden Caviar Luxurious Creme Mask

Extra luxury for skin. The Golden Caviar by Biodroga Luxurious Creme Mask with shimmering pigments provides for a quick balance of skin at any time, when it is stressed or when it lacks energy.



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