Ella Baché – one of the oldest skin care companies in the world!

KE14019 Ella Baché – one of the oldest skin care companies in the world!

Ella Baché is one of the oldest family-owned skincare companies in the world. Founded in 1936, by a French pharmacist, Madame Baché.

She was a woman of firsts – she invented the hot wax, which is the go to of beauticians across the world. She also pioneered the use of alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) when she created the ‘Crème Tomate’ beauty cream in 1935. This is the Ella Baché cream that we stock to this day on Abloomnova.

This wonderful cream has been used for generations and has always been designed for lacklustre skin. The famous “organic tomato extract” is an exclusive Ella Baché active ingredient and has been heralded for its essential qualities. The lycopene in the tomato extract are extremely powerful for the skin:

  • It is a Carotenoid (organic pigments that can be converted to Vitamin A)
  • It is a Phytonutrient (organic nutrients present in plants that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory)
  • It is an antioxidant (neutralizes the effect of harmful free radicals by oxidizing itself)
  • It prevents damage to DNA
  • It cannot be manufactured by the human body and must be included in our diet
  • It gives the color red to fruits and vegetables like tomato, watermelon, papayas and pink grapefruit
  • It is a fat soluble nutrient

According to the makers of the product, “the vitamin-rich benefits of organic tomato combined with a cocktail of healthy-glow active ingredients (apricot tree bud, orange, carrot, blackberry and grape) regenerate your complexion, oxygenated like a stroll in the fresh air.” And using this cream, we’d be inclined to agree!

This is a tried and tested, much celebrated cream that has been used by generations of women for almost eighty years. It smells gorgeously natural, it is rich but light on the skin and allows the skin to glow and radiate with health. We love it!





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