Who is Maria Galland?

70559 Who is Maria Galland?

Maria Galland was a dancer in Europe in the early sixties. She teamed up with a dermatologist to produce skincare products – her vision was to poduce a range that was completely new and unique to the industry. From her home in Paris, Galland opened up a beauty advisory service, which is where she offered treatments targeted to the needs of each area of skin around the body.

The salon was a success and soon Galland was able to open her first research laboratories and production facilities. A short time later, she opened her first beauty salon in the Parisian avenue of Rue Chateaubriand offering products and treatments produced under her own name.

Fifty years later, Maria Galland skincare products are in shops and spas all over the world. At Abloomnova, we stock everything from her Hydrating Cooling Mark to her Hydra Lift Eye Cream.

For mature skin, we love the Activ’Age skin care range – particularly the Activ’Age Serum 719. This product targets the changing nature of ageing skin and focuses on wrinkle formation and the increase of dry skin. It is famed for its ability to increase skin density and improve the natural radiance – bringing back a healthy glow to the skin.

The results speak for themselves – skin is 90 per cent more comfortable and relieved of any complaints, 80 per cent more hydrated throughout the day and skin is visibly lifted.

In short – this is the anti-ageing skin cream that you shouldn’t live without.

There is a lot of love for Maria Galland online. A lot of women with very sensitive skin swear by these products. The formulas are so gentle and light with high quality ingredients, that there is no nasties that can upset of inflame skin.

Use Maria Galland if you have notice signs of ageing, or if your skin is particularly sensitive and irritable.

Maria Galland Activ’Age Serum 719 30ml

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