atlantis-Eye-Cream-with-hyaluronic-acid-800x720 The power of natural ingredients
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The power of natural ingredients

Natural ingredients are featuring in more and more products and scientific studies have shown that they may have powerful health benefits as foods. Thanks to WebMD who helped with this list of powerful and natural ingredients. Argan oil, derived from the fruit of a tree that grows in Morocco, has been dubbed “liquid gold.” The […]

skin-moisturizing-cream-abloomnova.net_-800x530 What makes a good skin moisturizing cream?
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What makes a good skin moisturizing cream?

Ever wondered what it was in skin moisturizing cream that made your skin so soft? Thanks to Stylecaster, we look at some of the best ingredients for slapping on your body for softer, nourished skin. Hyaluronic Acid In cleansers, lotions, creams and more, hyaluronic acid is clearly a superstar. It’s all about maintaining a moisture […]