Dr.-Hauschka-Lip-Care-Stick-abloomnova.net_-783x800 Are you exfoliating correctly?
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Are you exfoliating correctly?

Exfoliation is so necessary for the health of our skin, but how do you know you’re doing it right? Follow these tips from Bustle and make sure your skin is looking buffed, gorgeous and at its best! 1. Choose the Right Time of Day It’s true, exfoliating at the end of the day can help […]

Gatineau-Aquamemory-Concentre-Ressourcant-–-Moisture-Replenish-Concentrate-30ml-abloomnova.net_-800x667 Tips on dealing with oily skin
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Tips on dealing with oily skin

Oily skin is deceptively difficult as a skin type. While some oily skinned people will drop certain products, like moisturiser, because they feel they don’t require them – oily skin needs more care than you first realise. Here some tips from Cosmopolitan about how to look after excessively sebaceous skin – as well as a […]

Dr.-Spiller-Biomimetic-Skin-Care-Anti-Couperose-Gel-abloomnova.net_-800x765 How to spot rosacea
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How to spot rosacea

According the British Skin Foundation, sixty percent of British people currently suffer from or have suffered with a skin disease at some point during their lifetime. Rosacea is a common rash, found on the central part of the face, usually of a middle-aged person. A tendency to flush easily is followed by persistent redness on […]