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How to tackle dry skin problems

Suffering from dry skin? While this is a year-round condition, cold weather can definitely exacerbate [...]

Skincare tips to help you as you age

Does skincare get more difficult as we get older? Yes and no. While there seems [...]

Why you should apply wheatgerm to your skin

We’re advised to advise wheatgerm to our shakes, bread and cereal. But wheatgerm has extra [...]

How beeswax can help your dry skin

Beeswax has been used in skincare for millennia. This is one of the most robust [...]

Skincare for long haul flights

According to flight experts, water dries twice as fast on a flight than it does [...]

How to prep your skin for a night out

It’s a big night out, and you want to look your best – but you [...]

Tips to get glowing skin

Want skin that glows, brightens and doesn’t cause you too much trouble? You might be [...]

How beeswax can benefit our skin

Beeswax has tonnes of benefits, especially for the skin. So can it help improve our [...]

How to get smooth skin

If you’re wondering how to get smooth skin, you’re probably suffering from intolerant, sensitive skin. This [...]

Are tomatoes good for our skin?

Tomatoes have divided people. Some people love them, other people hate them. But how good [...]

Why you should ALWAYS moisturise oily skin

Oily skin can be hard to treat and tackle. If you’re looking at a greasy [...]

Applying concealer the makeup artist way

There’s a lot of myths surrounding the application of concealer when you’re desperately trying to [...]

Do you suffer from dry skin under the eyes?

If you’re dealing with flaky skin under your eyes, there is an easy solution to [...]

Do you use a cleansing milk?

What product do you use to cleanse your skin in the morning? Face wash? Soap? [...]

Fragile skin – one of the signs of ageing

We all know that skin loses its shape, discolours and wrinkles as we get older [...]

Want glowing skin the easy way?

Nothing says health than glowing skin. However you get yours – a good diet, or [...]

Got a dull and dry t-zone?

Looking dull along the t-zone? You’re not alone – there’s many people out there siffering [...]

Why cranberries can improve your skin

While Ella Bache Ella Perfect Tomato Exfoliating Jelly has a high proportion of the humble [...]

Why we need to use moisturiser

When we wash our faces, we strip this oily coating off our skin. This makes [...]

The importance of removing make-up every night

Do you remove your makeup every night? C’mon be honest, can you wholeheartedly say that [...]

Treating blotches on mature skin

If you’re treating mature skin, you may have noticed a complete change in condition to [...]

How to remove mascara from your eyes

It’s important to know how to remove mascara from your eyes without losing your eyelashes. [...]

Protect your skin from wrinkles this summer

According to to Mayo Clinic, an anti-wrinkle cream may lessen the appearance of your wrinkles, depending [...]

How to look after blemished or scarred skin

Blemished or scarred skin can be a continual fight with cover up, concealer, make up [...]

Elle Bache’s treatment for acne-prone skin

Acne-prone skin can be effect your mental and emotional health. Not only can it be [...]

The benefits of using night cream

When it comes to the many products targeted at women, it’s easy to be sceptical [...]

One of the richest creams ever?

Ella Bache Ultra-Rich Cream is one of the richest creams we know. This product is from the [...]

Oily skin and your night time treatment

If you’re looking to improve the skincare regime for your oily skin, you may want [...]

How to look after skin when flying

Air travel can really affect skin. From the stresses of packing, arriving on time and [...]

Why using eye makeup remover is so important

When it comes to removing makeup, it’s extremely important to make sure your focus is [...]

Ella Bache Soin Purifiant Intensif Creme Intex No°2

Oily skin can be very difficult to treat. Makeup slides off, moisturisers can feel like [...]

The best Paris skincare brands

It seems that Paris is the skincare brands capital. With acclaimed brands such as Ella [...]

The power of natural ingredients

Natural ingredients are featuring in more and more products and scientific studies have shown that [...]

What makes a good skin moisturizing cream?

Ever wondered what it was in skin moisturizing cream that made your skin so soft? [...]

Our favourite Ella Bache products!

Ella Bache really go one step further when it comes to looking after sensitive and/or [...]

Intolerant skin v sensitive skin: What’s the difference?

If you have intolerant skin, it might not always be a good idea to use [...]

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