Payot-Perform-Sculpt-Nuit-Liposculpting-Firming-Care-abloomnova.net_-640x800 How to define your face

How to define your face

As we get older our face loses its shape, which can be ageing. But one way we can help is by doing exercises. Thanks to BollywoodShaadis who have given us our reps that we’ll start practising tonight. #1. Jaw movements While sitting straight, make your lower jaw drop down as much as possible. Next step […]

Payot-Elixir-Ideal-Skin-Perfecting-Illuminating-Serum-abloomnova.net_-694x800 4 reasons to use serum

4 reasons to use serum

Why should you use a serum? Unlike moisturizers, toners, face oils, etc., serums are a nourishing compote jam-packed with active ingredients that can completely transform skin in just a matter of days. HelloGiggles claims they’re like plastic surgery in a bottle, but without the painful recovery time or the super-steep price tag. Serums are usually […]

Payot-Elixir-d’Eau-Hydrating-Thirst-Quenching-Essence-abloomnova.net_-800x637 What winter does for our skin

What winter does for our skin

Winter’s here, and for many of us, several long months of darkness and very cold weather is fast approaching. While we’ve actually come to love the winter nights, log fires and warming drinks, it plays havoc with our skin, which is why, right now, we’re reviewing our skincare. Skin suffers in winter dry air, and […]

Davines-Naturaltech-Well-Being-Shampoo-abloomnova.net_-800x698 How to get baby soft skin

How to get baby soft skin

Are you suffering from rough, uneven skin? Yearn for the baby soft skin you had when you were younger? Soft skin can be yours – it’s just a matter of finding out how. Sometimes, it can be dietary. It has been said that rough skin on the backs of the arms is a dairy allergy. […]

Payot-Elixir-d’Eau-–-Hydrating-Thirst-Quenching-Essence-abloomnova.net_-800x582 What happens when you DON’T moisturise

What happens when you DON’T moisturise

We know it’s important to moisturise. In fact, our skin starts to tighten and dry if we don’t apply moisturiser within minutes. Something like Payot Elixir d’Eau – Hydrating Thirst-Quenching Essence is a fabulous product for skin and be used as a serum style treatment, or as a moisturiser on its own. So let’s look […]

Payot-skincare-abloomnova.net_-800x536 Payot skin care

Payot skin care

Health is key with Payot skin care. They encourage the adaptation of skin care to the seasons, and the natural changes that occur. As it says on their website: “Beautiful skin is healthy skin. It reflects your expressions: it is subject to external aggressors and must be pampered! Just like the body, the skin lives […]

moisturizer-for-all-skin-types-abloomnova.net_-800x533 Looking for a moisturizer for all skin types?
Dr Spiller, Mary Cohr, Payot

Looking for a moisturizer for all skin types?

We have a huge number of moisturizers for all skin types. These contain powerful and effective ingredients which are also incredibly gentle and nourishing. Mary Cohr Hydrosmose – Cellular Moisturising Cream by “Osmosis” This beauty care cream provides cells with a non-stop source of hydration by means of “osmosis”. Water is held in the skin […]

65108823 Our pick of the Payot Elixir range!
Anti Aging, Mature skin, Payot

Our pick of the Payot Elixir range!

The Payot Elixir range is an incredibly effective range designed for mature skin. With science and natural extracts, Payot have created powerfully effective serums, gels and creams that can have a real effect on ageing skin. Payot Elixir Lift – Tightening Regenerating Serum A genuine intelligent formula, Élixir Lift provides custom action for mature skin. […]