How lavender is a skincare superhero

Darphin-Hydraskin-Light-All-Day-Skin-Hydrating-Cream-Gel-abloomnova.net_-1600x1342 How lavender is a skincare superhero

Lavender is a skincare favourite. Natural, fragrant and bursting with good stuff, this is a flower that winds its way into countless products.

Apart from its many benefits, which according to the Alternative Daily, include:

  • Improving hair health and potentially helping to prevent hair loss
  • Relieving pain, such as muscle and joint pain
  • Reducing stomach pain and improving digestion (when applied topically to the stomach area)
  • Soothing respiratory ailments, including coughs and sore throats (when inhaled by steam inhalation or used on the skin around the chest and throat)
  • Alleviating headache pain (when applied to temples and pressure points)
  • Reducing hypertension and improving circulation of the blood
  • Healing chapped, cracked lips (apply mixed with a base oil such as organic coconut oil)
  • Healing minor burns, cuts, scrapes and wounds
  • Soothing the itch of insect bites (along with helping to keep insects away)
  • Stimulating the body’s production of urine
  • Relieving stress
  • Improving symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Improving mood
  • Increasing focus and mental clarity
  • Promoting restful, quality sleep
  • Potentially benefitting people diagnosed with diabetes
  • Enhancing meditation (when either applied to pressure points, all over the skin, and/or used for aromatherapy in an essential oil diffuser)
  • Freshening stale indoor air (when used in an essential oil diffuser)
  • Ridding yourself of body odour (combine with coconut oil and baking soda for a great natural deodorant)

It’s also incredible on the skin – for itches, psoriasis, sunburn and wrinkle prevention. It’s also amazing for retaining moisture which is just one of many reasons why we love Darphin Hydraskin Light All-Day Skin-Hydrating Cream Gel.

This is ideal for normal to combination skin, light gel cream features Hydra-Structure™ Technology,a high-performance hydrating complex of powerful ingredients from Nature (Salicornia Herbacea,Butterfly Lavender) to help wake up skin’s moisture mechanisms and defend skin’s critical moisture reservoir.

This is ideal for normal to combination skin types.

The result:

  • Helps maintain hydration day after day.
  • More luminous complexion glowing with health.

How to use:
Apply a small amount to face and neck. Massage gently in upward motions.

Key ingredients:
Hydra-Structure™ Technology (Salicornia Herbacea, Butterfly lavender), Imperata cylindrica, Kiwi fresh cells, Hyaluronic acid.

Ethical engagement:
84% of the total ingredients from natural origin. Formulated without parabens. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist tested. Clinically-proven efficiency.

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