Got frizzy hair? Read this.

frizzy-hair-abloomnova.net_-1600x1511 Got frizzy hair? Read this.

Frizzy hair is the scourge of the modern day woman. Despite endless attempts, there is no guaranteeing that a spot of rain, or a hot humid day will turn your sleek barnet into a frizzy mess.

Frizz is mostly caused by a lack of moisture in your hair, but humidity can also contribute to it. “Your hair loses moisture throughout the day, so midday, the cuticle [the outermost layer on your strands] opens up and lets the outside air in, creating a frizzy mess. Here’s some tips from Cosmopolitan, to control the frizz in your life.

  1. Let your hair dry 90 percent of the way before you blow-dry. Too much hot air focused directly on your strands dehydrates it, making it frizzy — especially during the winter months when the air is less humid.
  2. Brush your hair regularly to help distribute its natural oils. Hanging your head upside down and brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush helps distribute the oils from your scalp/roots onto the rest of your hair.
  3. Keep straight hair from getting frizzy by brushing dry oil through it with a mixed bristle brush. While your hair is still wet, apply a moisture-locking dry oil from your ends to midway up your hair shaft; oil acts as a barrier, keeping liquids from penetrating.
  4. De-frizz wavy hair by putting it in a bun after it’s dry or defining your waves with a curling iron. After you’ve shampooed, conditioned, and applied the dry oil from ends to midshaft, blow-dry your hair, and either put it in a bun if you want looser waves (the frizz-fighting happens as your hair cools, when your cuticle locks into place) or define your curls with a barrel iron.

Abloomnova recommends a few products for frizzy hair, not least Davines LOVE Shampoo is specifically formulated for harsh and frizzy, undisciplined hair. It gently cleanses hair, respecting its natural structure and making it easy to comb. LOVE Smoothing Shampoo moisturizes and nourishes deep down, leaving hair smooth, silky and shiny.

How to Apply:

Gently massage into damp hair and rinse. Repeat the application if necessary.

Natural active ingredients:

  • Indian fig extract – moisturizing action.
  • Olive amphoacetate – gentle cleansing agent.
  • Olive oil peg-7 ester – emollient agent.
  • Rice proteins – to protect the hair.

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