How does texturising powder work?

88015 How does texturising powder work?

Texturising powder – for many women – is a complete godsend. Giving volume to fine, flat hair is very difficult, but texture powder is the lifeline many people need.

The overall idea of texture powder is to add grit and matte texture to your roots, in order to help encourage volume and fullness. According to Babble, it’s sort of like “day 2 product residue” in a bottle. Sometimes freshly cleaned hair is slippery and flat, since it doesn’t have anything “working” at the root to hold it up. Texture powders fix the clean feeling of freshly washed hair with an invisible, non-greasy powder.

While it may not be as effective as dry shampoo for absorbing oil, don’t think of this as a “hair refreshing” product. Think of it as a “hair dirtying” product in a good way, of course.

If you are unsure about whether you will like the feeling of this, or if it will give you the results you want, have your stylist sprinkle some at the roots at your next appointment. Live with it for the day. And if you are pleased with the results, go ahead and pick up a bottle!

We recommend Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator Texturizing Wood Powder 9g + Refillable Applicator Brush.

The Volume Creator is a fine texturising and mattifying powder that protects blow-dried hair from humidity, creates volume and gives hair structure and consistency. The formula is all-natural, obtained from micronised coconut and bamboo powder reduced to tiny particles.

The Volume Creator can only be used with the Volume Creator Brush specifically designed for a precise and controlled application of the powder which will be released through the brush. The dispenser can be refilled infinite times.

How to use:

Apply with the Volume Creator Brush directly to the root area where you want to create volume and texture. Alternatively, even on lengths and ends to add texture.

Natural active ingredients:

Bamboo and coconut powder – for a volumizing action.

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