How to look after blonde hair

Davines-Essential-Haircare-NOUNOU-Shampoo-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How to look after blonde hair

Looking for a shampoo for bleached hair, highlighted hair and permed hair? You might want to try Davines Essential Haircare NOUNOU / Shampoo which has been formulated to tackle even the most damaged bleach jobs going.

Incidentally, Miley Cyrus told her millions of Instagrammers that if they’re going to go blonde, avoid home jobs. We can’t agree more. You can spot a blonde home kit jobbie a mile off (brassy tones, uneven colour, extra dryness). If you’re going to do it – make sure you get a professional who knows what they’re doing (and uses lots of toner).

But in between washes (try if you can to avoid washing bleached hair frequently), how else should you look after blonde tresses?

Well, these tips from theblondesalad will hopefully put you on the right tracks for gorgeous blonde locks.

Treat your hair to ridiculous amounts of nourishing masks, both homemade ones, and from the store. The key idea here is to nourish your hair: you must try to compensate for your hair’s loss in moisture and shine with a little external help. The best thing you can do is to apply repairing treatment onto your hair overnight — don’t forget to cover your pillow with a towel. This will allow your hair to slowly and appropriately absorb the product, reaping the treatment’s full benefits.

Use specific products designed for dyed or heavily damaged hair. Throw away the shampoo you’ve been using so far, and get ready to work with these new allies. You won’t see any instant results, but in the long run, you will definitely be grateful you changed your routine. These products are specifically formulated to take care of your hair’s health, even when it seems almost impossible to repair it anymore.

Should you feel at one point like your hair is damaged beyond remedy, be ready to throw in the towel, and go for a super-short haircut. You will at least be following the latest trends!

Use Davines Essential Haircare NOUNOU / Shampoo, which is ideal for bleached hair, with highlights, perm or relaxed. Its formula, characterized by a rich and full-bodied foam, is designed to gently cleanse treated hair, giving it body and nourishment.

The scent that characterises the NOUNOU family has a citrus, spicy and aromatic note.

Natural active ingredients:

Fiaschetto Tomato from Guaceto – it has a strong nourishing power and an antioxidant action.

Mixture of mild surfactants – to clean the hair without making it heavy.

Phenethyl Benzoate – strong shining effect.

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