How to use conditioner on your hair like a pro

Davines-Essential-Haircare-DEDE-Conditioner-abloomnova.net_-1600x1064 How to use conditioner on your hair like a pro

Conditioner is so important – for ALL hair. Curly, fine, thick, afro, dry, oily – if you’ve got hair on your head you need conditioner. The key is how much you apply, and what part of your hair.

Mistake #1: You glob it onto the roots of your hair.

Your roots don’t actually need any conditioner, since your scalp produces sebum, a natural oil. What’s more, your roots have much less damage than the ends of the hair shaft. Your roots are the youngest, healthiest part of the hair shaft. To do it right, condition just the ends of your hair, focusing on massaging the last three inches of the hair shaft, which is the oldest and driest part.

Mistake #2: You OD on conditioner.

Easy, tiger: You don’t really need that much. Using too much conditioner can weigh down your hair, especially if your strands are ultra fine. Use a 50p coin’s worth of product. That said, if you have super thick hair that absorbs conditioner easily, Arrojo recommends adding more.

Mistake #3: You skip it entirely.

Even if you have superfine or oily hair, you still have to use conditioner (especially if you have curly hair). Some people get conditioner phobic, but the catch 22 is that without conditioner your hair will become brittle and eventually lifeless. If you’re going to a wedding or another special event, it’s OK to skip your conditioner that day, but she advises against making it a habit. One thing that can help: If you have oily hair, avoid products that contain silicone, which tend to be heavy and greasy and can make the hair feel dirty.

Get a conditioner designed for frequent use – like Davines Essential Haircare DEDE / Conditioner. Its formula is designed to untangle the hair leaving it soft and light, plus it doesn’t weigh down the hair.



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