Can I carry out a non-surgical facelift at home?

Dr.-Spiller-Aloe-Vera-Skin-Lift-Ampoule-2.5ml-abloomnova.net_-1600x1571 Can I carry out a non-surgical facelift at home?

Non-surgical facelifts are treatments that promise to tighten and refresh the skin and complexion around the face. According to Dr Sam Most, a non-surgical facelift should be called a non-surgical facial rejuvenation – they rework the skin cells in to becoming more taut, youthfula and fresher looking. There are a number of approaches that these treatments can do:

  1. Energy transfer. In this case, energy of some type (radiofrequency, infrared, etc) is used to ‘heat’ the deeper facial tissues and ostensibly cause tightening of the face. The first and most ‘famous’ was the Thermage system but several others exist. Most reputable studies have shown that these systems (at least in their initial incarnations–newer systems come out all the time) are mildly effective in about 30% of people. That means, minimal to no effect in about 2/3. It probably has it’s place in some cases, but is not by any means a ‘nonsurgical facelift’.
  1. Volume replacement. In this case, fillers or fat are used to restore and reshape facial volume to give a more youthful look. This, too, is not a replacement for facelift, as it does not do the same things. However, as our knowledge of aging continues to evolve, we know that some volume replacement is a good thing.
  1. Resurfacing procedures. These have been around for a while, and consist of the various types of ‘peels’. With newer fractionated lasers and other technologies, downtime and side effects (bleaching, etc) are decreased. Again, though, this treats the face superficially and does not tighten deeper tissues that have ‘sagged’ nor does it restore volume.

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