Do I really need to use a toner?

Babor-Fluids-FP-Triple-Booster-Fluid-24x2ml-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Do I really need to use a toner?

Toner – one of the most misunderstood skincare products in the bathroom cabinet.

What is it? What does it do? Why do I need to use it? Why twice a day? When it does clearly leave a smear of grubbiness on a cotton pad like a cleanser, or smooth and soften skin as obviously as a moisturiser, then the role of toner needs a little more investigation. Thanks to WomensHealthMag for bringing the facts to our attention.

Generally speaking, toner is a water-based liquid with a consistency like vinegar that contains active ingredients to help address specific issues. “Not only does it remove debris like oil and traces of makeup, but it soothes, repairs, and smooths the skin’s surface—diminishing blemishes and minimizing signs of redness and inflammation,” says Schlessinger. Bonus: It also helps prep your skin for anti-aging treatments and serums.

Is It Right for Every Skin Type?

Since the product itself is meant to absorb and control all of the dirt and oil clogged deeply into our pores, toner is only necessary for those with greasy or acne-prone skin, right? Wrong. “Today’s toners are high quality and made with many of the same ingredients you might find in your other skin-care products,” says Schlessinger. “Some of the best toners for acne-prone skin contain exfoliating ingredients like amino fruit acids or glycolic acid, while toners made for sensitive skin types are made with soothing thermal spring water.”

If you fancy giving toner a go, try Dr. Spiller Alpenrausch Organic Harmonizing Facial Toner, which is a balancing toner featuring precious mountain botanicals with anti-oxidant benets. It refreshes skin, balances the pH and removes any traces of make-up or impurities. And with is water base, it makes it ideal for all skin types.

Featuring precious classic mountain anti-oxidants like Gentian and Edelweiss, with its protecting properties. It also includes moisturizing fresh Rose Water and the strength of Linden Flower to bring it all together in harmonizing perfection.

Apply with a cotton pad morning and evening after cleansing, follow with appropriate day or night cream.

It also contains active ingredients:

  • Alpine Willow Herb
  • Edelweiss
  • Gentian
  • Rose Water
  • Lavender Oil
  • Lime Flower Extract

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