How the environment affects our skin

Dr.-Spiller-Biomimetic-Skin-Care-Oxygen-Vital-Cream-Mask-abloomnova.net_-1600x1057 How the environment affects our skin

The environment we live in is a crucial factor in maintaining the health of our skin. I believe that a large portion of skin problems are due to irritants in the air such as automobile exhaust and smoke from chemical factories. According to HealthyWomen, these are triggers for poor skin health as much—if not more—than they were two decades ago. Studies have shown that pollution can cause reactions in the skin that inhibit the way it builds and repairs itself.

Sun damage is another big issue for concern. Generally the planet is hotter, and we’re seeing a lot more sun exposure than we did just four or five decades ago. This results in many new cases of skin cancer, as well as higher expenditures in health care for actinic keratosis, a scaly or crusty bump that is a precursor of skin cancer and a by-product of sun damage.  It’s a very common condition in the Western world, and the frequency of diagnoses of keratosis has gotten much worse in the last 20 years because of the downgrading of the environment.

When you consider added problems, such as dry and cracked skin (or even eczema), caused by harsher winter weather, you realise that your skin is assaulted by the environment all year round. We can’t always avoid the effects of the weather and the environment, but we can try and protect ourselves. I suggest maintaining an ambient temperature where you work and live—not too cold or too warm. Use a humidifier and always wear protective clothing when you go outside.

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care Oxygen Vital Cream Mask is a regenerating and calming cream mask with anti-inflammatory properties designed to soothe irritated skin. Oxygen absorption is stimulated to restore and revitalise impaired skin functions due to environmental influences.

A repairing and renewing mask with Perfluorodecalin, an oxygen carrier, to increase the oxygen content, detoxify and improve the blood flow on the skin. Ginkgo Extract stimulates oxygen consumption and Jojoba Oil reduces dehydration and improves the suppleness of the skin.

Use once to twice a week. Apply after cleansing, toning and application of serum or ampoule. Apply evenly onto the face, neck and décolleté. Leave on for 10-15 minutes then remove the excess with a tissue or massage remainder into the skin. Once a week, thin layer of the mask can be applied for an intense overnight treatment.

Active ingredients:

  • Oxygen Carrier / Perfluorodecalin
  • Ginkgo Extract
  • Bisabolol
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Calmify Compound

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