The amazing properties of royal jelly

Dr.-Spiller-Royal-Jelly-Ampoule-abloomnova.net_-1478x1600 The amazing properties of royal jelly

We love Dr. Spiller Royal Jelly Ampoule 2.5ml – it has had a transformative effective on our skin. The feed sap of the bees’ queen – Royal Jelly – stimulates the cell metabolism and has a balancing effect. The positive effect of Royal Jelly Ampoules on the epidermis leads to a smoother, softer skin. We’re going to keep using this when we’re old ladies for sure! But what is royal jelly, and why is it so amazing for the skin?

LiveStrong allows us to learn a little bit more on this wonderful product…

Royal jelly, a thick, pastelike substance secreted by honeybees to feed and nurture queen bees, contains high concentrations of many nutrients that are beneficial to humans. Its chemical composition and the effects it has on queen bees — allowing them to become fertile, grow considerably larger and live longer than worker bees — leads its proponents to posit that royal jelly can be a boon to our health and beauty in numerous ways. Among the long list of potential applications for royal jelly is treatment for skin disorders and improvement of the general health of the skin. However, consumers should be aware that royal jelly’s hype comes largely from anecdotal evidence and word-of-mouth; reputable scientific evidence supporting the benefits of royal jelly is noticeably lacking.

When it is fresh, royal jelly is about 60 to 70 percent water. Its other primary components are major proteins: amino acids, including all the amino acids that are essential for human nutrition; sugars, mostly fructose and glucose; lipids; minerals; and vitamins. Royal jelly’s fats, suspended as a natural emulsion, have moisturizing properties, protect skin from dehydration and reduce inflammation. Amino acids are a component of collagen, which keeps the skin firm. Cosmetic functions of royal jelly, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, include improving the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks, boosting elasticity and firmness, and normalizing the fat secretions of skin glands to reduce oiliness. Royal jelly also has antibiotic and fungicidal properties.

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