Why you should moisturise everyday

Dr.-Spiller-Biomimetic-Skin-Care-Hydro-Marin-Cream-Light-200ml-abloomnova.net_ Why you should moisturise everyday

Do you moisturise your skin every day? If you don’t, you should. Both men and women can find many benefits to using high-quality facial moisturizer each day. According to Specialists in Dermatologists, moisturizing your face will help you to look and feel younger, you will have softer, more elastic skin, and it will keep your skin hydrated. All of these things are important if you want to make sure to look as young as you can in the years to come. However, even though making sure to moisturize daily sounds easy enough, there are certainly things that you will need to keep in mind before you use it.

First of all, now that you know the benefits to moisturizing, including the anti-aging benefits, you should learn more about when and how to use moisturizer. You might think that you can simply place any lotion on your face, and you will gain the benefits, but this isn’t true. You should only be using a moisturizer that is specifically made for the face and should only use one that contains SPF 15 sunscreen or higher. There are moisturizers out there made for both men and women with different formulas, too.

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care Hydro-Marin Cream Light is a light and quick penetrating 24 hour cream with Algae Extracts and Hyaluronic Acid to provide long-lasting hydration and antioxidant protection. The skin’s immune system is strengthened and cellular activity is stimulated.

With its water base, this product is perfect for Dry, Sensitive and Dehydrated skin types. A lighter version of Hydro Marin cream to protect the skin against dehydration and soothes against dry and sensitive skin. The skin’s immune system is strengthened and cellular activity-activated.

To be used as a day and/or night cream. Apply evenly to a cleansed and toned face, neck and décolleté after application of appropriate serum morning and evening.

Active ingredients:

  • Squalen
  • Algae Extracts
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Sea Salt Concentrate

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