Happy Valentine’s Day (featuring Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream!)

Remember the Guinot Creme Protection Reparatrice Face Cream that we mentioned before? If you like it, there’s another everyday cream that you should definitely try out – an alternative that Abloomnova offers as it expands its products’ diversity – Dr. Hauschka!

It was a refreshing discovery using Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream, and we fell in love with it from the very beginning when our team got in touch with their distributor and started trying their products. One fact about our Abloomnova team is that, two of our team-mates have quite sensitive skin and this really got us motivated to truly understand sensitive skin and to invest a lot of time in gathering the best product for them.  We found that, only the truly natural organic skin care products are qualified to heal and protect sensitive skin, especially against harsh weather in areas like England and Northern parts of Europe.


This delicate day cream can revitalize normal, dry and sensitive skin; all the uncomfortable itchiness and visible rashes will be nourished to calm.  For all lovelies who have sensitive skin, remember not to massage or rub any cream on your face – that is like scratching a very rough surface to a glass surface!  Gently press a small amount of cream onto the face and the neck, then you may cheat by pressing a thin layer of coconut or almond oil on and there you can give a little massage around eye area and jaw line to wake you up for the day (Don’t worry, they won’t oil your face, just give it some time and your skin will quickly absorb them)!


Its extract of quince and bees’ waxes (best blending agent when you are making your own creams and lip balm!) will create a shield and retain the moisture on your skin, so you may also find this very adaptable when applying it with light foundation or a little translucent powder, and your skin will feel smooth and hydrated all day long!


It’s ON SALE!(13/2/15)  It’s time for you to own one!


Happy Valentine’s Day xx


Loads of love,



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