How do I know if I have dehydrated skin?

Gatineau-Aqua-Memory-Professionnel-Moisturising-Cream-Mask-abloomnova.net_-1600x1069 How do I know if I have dehydrated skin?

Dehydration can be quite serious. However if you have dehydrated skin – it can be a simple case of just managing correctly. Give dehydrated skin enough love and attention, and youp’ll be back to normal in no time.

According to LiveStrong you should start by assessing your skin-care routine. Always use lukewarm water instead of hot water to soothe the skin and reduce stripping it of oils. Use a gentle, soapless cleanser, free from fragrance and other harsh additives. Try using a cream-based cleanser if possible, especially one with ceramides. Ceramides are fatty molecules already found within the skin’s surface that help retain skin’s natural moisture. Follow your cleansing routine with a lotion packed with sunscreen and hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, mineral oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid or stearic acid. In the evening, consider using a thin layer of petroleum jelly — a humectant — to seal in moisture and replenish the skin overnight. It’s also a good idea to run a humidifer when possible to increase moisture in the air and deep within the skin.

Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream is a brilliant moisturiser for dehydrated and dry skin.

This cream allows you to enjoy a radiant complexion. The light emulsion is formulated with premium botanical extracts and oils to support the skin’s natural process of oil and moisture production for a supple, fresh complexion. And dry skin is moisturised and balanced, while pallid, tired-looking skin is revitalised.

Like all Dr Hauschka products, this cream is filled with botanical goodness – extracts of anthyllis, witch hazel and carrot refresh and invigorate. Botanical oils balance the skin’s natural oil content.

Each morning after cleansing and toning, apply evenly to the face and neck. Include décolleté, if desired. For ideal daily care for combination skin, mix Revitalising Day Cream with a few drops of Clarifying Day Oil in your palm, then apply to the face (avoid the eye area). Revitalising Day Cream is an ideal base for make-up. In the evening after cleansing and toning, we recommend applying a Dr. Hauschka Serum for daily, oil-free night care. For advanced care, Renewing Night Conditioner or Sensitive Care Conditioner may be used for a 28-day period several times a year.


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