How to treat Dry Skin

We see people who have oily skin type have troubled relationships with their skin, people who have dry skin type must have a saddening relationship with their skin. It’s been observed that there are usually more people seeing a doctor for their eczema, rashes and other itching skin problems, as well as cases where people couldn’t sleep because of the dryness.. So here are some tips for people who have dry skin, or having a hollow period under the weather!

First golden rule:

Never, ever take hot showers! It’s pretty easy to start kick this habit around summer, but it gets harder to stay without hot showers till winter. But hot showers can be damaging your skin, not only when you are taking the shower, but after when your body temperature needs to balance out by evaporating the heat, along with the moisture of your skin which leaves your skin dry! This is why it is the first golden rule we want you to remember. Further more both heating and air conditioning can dry out your skin, so until we get back to our very, very hot summers, try to keep everything without air conditioning (especially after work), when it’s just very warm. You could get a fan instead to keep the air circulating instead of drying up your skin with air conditioning. We highly recommended you to get some moisturizing mist at your workplace because of this.

During cleansing:

During cleansing time, gently massage your face and wash it in lukewarm water, pad it with a clean towel; Avoid using any products with alcohol during cleansing as these could give you a burning sensation. We highly recommended dry skin people to use cream rather than lotion, like the Guinot Hydra Beaute Cream! And when choosing a cleanser go for a nourishing creamy cleanser, like for example the Guinot Lait hydra confort.

During summer:

During summer seasons, it’s unavoidable to want to enjoy pool parties or lunching in the park, while it’s absolutely enjoyable, your skin will thank you for your delicate care by covering up and wearing sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF all over your body and not missing parts of your skin!

Itchy skin:

Also try to avoid scratching areas of itchy skin, instead try applying a layer of cream and massage the itchy area, we understand how hard it is to kick this habit, but we are here to challenge you, are you in?


For treating dry skin let yourself be befriended with good oil, including olive oil, argan oil and peppermint oil. Add them to your diet, and get some vitamin E capsule added your daily diet too! As we get older, our body is producing less oil and can’t retain water as it used to, and especially people with dry skin. This can cause early signs of aging appearing too soon and cause you to look older because of the inherent limitation in releasing and receiving moisture. Diet is not the only thing, drinking water is the easiest way to retain more moisture.

Also we try to explain how important your beauty routine is to our lovelies beauties, to pick the right quality skin care product and how these would be much better in the long run than spending more money to buy random product at drugstore, always play safe when choosing the best for yourself!

We always tell everyone not to feel under pressure when dealing with their skin, as we promote our skin care products. But we are also here to encourage to change your lifestyle, to live in the greatest of yourself – eat clean, act healthy and stay positive 🙂



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