Skincare for long haul flights

Ella-Bache-Hydra-Repulp’-Creme-Masque-Hyaluronic-Hydratante-–-Hyaluronic-Moisturising-Cream-Mask-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Skincare for long haul flights

According to flight experts, water dries twice as fast on a flight than it does on terra firma. If this is the case, imagine what goes on with your skin on a long haul flight. One thing that is clear is that skin needs extra TLC when you’re up in the air, and if you want a holiday without break outs and dry skin, make sure you arrive at Departures well prepped.

One of the most important parts of looking after your skin comes in the form of pre-flight prep, and that means peeling or exfoliating, using a powerful serum or ampoule, and then using a brea mask on top.

We recommend Ella Bache Hyaluronic Moisturising Cream-Mask which is a remedy for skin that suffers from dehydration. This action skin-repair balm targets the most dehydrated zones of the face and body (extreme climat – conditions – air conditioning – and, of course, air travel).

This seals in as much moisture as possible, and we whack it on mid-flight too. Don’t be afraid of strange looks from your fellow passengers – this is your skin care we’re talking about!

We’d also recommend bringing your serum on board and also using a facial spray throughout the flight.

Try to avoid the drinks trolley – drinking on a long haul is a bad idea, not only will you hit a hangover with hours still to go of your flight (ugh) you’ll also really zap your skin of any moisture. Instead stick to water and juices, rest as much as possible (noise reducing headphone or ear plugs do the trick and an eye mask), and bring your own fruit and vegetables with you in tupperware – something about air travel makes us crave fresh food and vitamins!

And above all – try and beat jet lag by working out the best time to sleep. This is so important to feeling and looking good when you step on to the tarmac at your destination.

Bon voyage!

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