How to remove mascara from your eyes

ella-bache-ella-perfect-demaquillant-cils-eyelash-makeup-remover How to remove mascara from your eyes

It’s important to know how to remove mascara from your eyes without losing your eyelashes.

Some mascaras are tough – especially waterproof mascaras. But it’s important to take off that day’s makeup every  evening, and to do this properly, it’s vital to know how to remove mascara safely and efficiently.

Once you’re ready to wash off your makeup, start by rinsing your face with a little bit of water. This is a personal trick I have learned over the years of applying and removing lots and lots of mascara. When water mixes with the products, they’ll usually begin to break down on their own. Once you go in with actual removing agents, the process will be a lot easier and a lot less harsh.

Once you’ve rinsed with water, reach for a makeup removing wipe or liquid removal product on a cotton pad. With the cotton pad, use downward motions to remove the mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and everything else that’s around your eyes. As you can see, the mascara doesn’t completely come off, but the remover should break down the product just enough to have a cleanse with water afterwards to completely wash away any product left behind. You might look like a panda bear for a moment, but just see it as an opportunity for the perfect Snapchat.

Which is why we recommend Ella Bache Ella Perfect Demaquillant Cils – Eyelash Makeup Remover.

An Ella Baché historic favourite created, originally, to dissolve the famous Indelible Eyeshadow, now a Grand Classic. A surprising paste, an alchemy of vegetable oils, to melt in using the body of your fingers.

Mascara and eyeshadow, even the most resistant, dissolved and eyelashes nourished and fortified. With repeated use, even the weakest eyelashes become extremely healthy. Suitable for sensitive eyes.

Melt in using the body of your fingers; apply directly to the areas to be cleaned. Remove using a moist, warm cotton ball.

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