Want glowing skin the easy way?

Maria-Galland-Prefecting-Pore-Refiner-301-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Want glowing skin the easy way?

Nothing says health than glowing skin. However you get yours – a good diet, or a five mile run everyday – demands effort. But what if we could cheat? What can we do to make our skin glow which requires the least amount of effort?!

First of all, nothing good like glowing skin comes without putting in some ground work first. If you’re after skin that positively radiates, you need to start looking after it. And that means:

No smoking – yes, we know, it’s obvious, and a few cheeky smokes at the weekend can still have its effects – you don’t necessarily need to be smoking forty a day. Try and cut down if at all possible.

Cleanse – every night and every morning. Get a good cleanser, equip yourself with a good toner and ivest in a quality moisturizer. This is vital to the ultimate glow.

Sleep – no glow will ever happen on four hours of sleep a night. Make sure there are no distractions – phone, laptop, television etc – in your room. No screen time an hour before lights out – and buy yourself a really good book to lull you in to a deep sleep.

However, if you’ve not tried Ella Bache Fruit d’Eclat a la Tomate Bio – Healthy Glow Cream with Organic Tomato yet, we implore you to give it a go. This is a special treat for lacklustre skin, “organic tomato extract”, an exclusive Ella Baché active ingredient, is a concentrate of the significant precious and essential qualities from this marvellous “natural beauty” fruit.

With its creamy texture and exquisite fragrance, this cream offers your skin a stimulating, oxygenating treatment every day. The vitamin-rich benefits of organic tomato combined with a cocktail of healthy-glow active ingredients (apricot tree bud, orange, carrot, blackberry and grape) regenerate your complexion, oxygenated like a stroll in the fresh air.

The results are a boosted complexion, healthy glow effect – your skin glows with freshness and radiance.


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