Dealing with eye wrinkles, crows’ feet and sagging

Biodroga-Golden-Caviar-24-hour-Care-for-Dry-Skin-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Dealing with eye wrinkles, crows’ feet and sagging

Aging is part of life. You can’t avoid it. What you can avoid is the early onset of skin damage due to certain behaviours. If you’re looking to get rid of ageing to the eye area, follow these tips, courtesy of Health Ambition.

Wear Sunscreen

I hope I’m not telling you this seriously important tip too late. While the sun can cause happiness and health it can also cause serious damage. From sunburn to skin cancer to advanced aging, the sun is kind of brutal.

The good news is that we have some armor to protect us from this necessary but dangerous entity. Sunscreen. Wear it; all day, every day. Why? Not only will it protect you from skin diseases like cancer, it will also help you slow the signs of aging!

A recent study found that people who wore sunscreen daily for 4.5 years had skin that aged 24% less than those who only applied sunscreen when they wanted to. This is amazing and enough of a reason to lather up daily. This brings me to my next tip.

Moisturise Daily

As you age, your skin can become increasingly thin and dry. On top of that, it loses its elasticity. While anti-aging moisturisers on the market aren’t approved by the FDA as wrinkle reducers, they can aid in hydrating your skin and therefore making it less dry and tight.

We recommend Payot Perform Lift Regard – Eye Contour and Eyelid Lifting Care 15ml which targets the whole panoramic eye zone: eyelids, crow’s feet wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

Easy to use, this cream should be applied morning and/or evening to the eyelid and eye contour.

Active ingredients:

– Acti-lift complex: Acts at every level of the skin.

– Wakame extract: Restructures the extracellular matrix (stimulates the production of elastic fibres, improves their quality and their assembly).

– Renovating peptide: Reinforces dermis/epidermis cohesion.

– Hyaluronic acids: (cross-linked and high molecular weight) Plumps, smoothes, and lifts the skin surface.

– Extracts of persian silk tree and asian herbaceous plants: Lifts the upper eyelid, reduces wrinkles, fades dark circles, and reduces puffiness.

– Vitamin E: Regenerating and revitalising.


According to a recent article published on Huffington Post, exercise may play a part in wrinkle prevention and more youthful looking skin. This information is just too amazing not to share.

The article states that “New research from McMaster University in Ontario has found that exercise could not only keep skin younger, but may also even reverse skin aging in people who become more active late in life.”

One study showed amazing results. Sedentary volunteers over the age of 65 were asked to participate in two sessions of moderately strenuous exercise each week for three months.



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