100% Pure Awesomeness with Dr. Hauschka

To all make-up gurus out there, have you ever thought of the behind-the-scene of many top make-up brands?  Having worked at Abloomnova for years, I started to become conscious about brand values and place preference on product ingredients, because it is important for a make-up brand to start with a good intention and to produce sustainable products, so that people can benefit from the time when they put them on, and still feel great after washing them off; the inconvenient truth is – make-up products sold on the market are full of harsh chemicals; they are like toxins, which slowly creeps into your skin and makes it look dull, causes breakouts or many more hidden problems.


While I might be very picky while having a strong will to make myself and all customers of Abloomnova feel the best of themselves (for instance, I’ve spent quite a while to make my own lip tint and only purchase local natural make-up products). I finally found a brand that I am satisfied with – Dr. Hauschka. It releases a range of organic make-up products. So now, you don’t have to spend time in search for any other make-up products that would satisfy your craves in 100% natural, organic formulation!


Dr. Hauschka started with a minimal selection of make-up products, which I am sure many make-up gurus won’t be satisfied with the limited number of shades, so let us gather some information to give you some insights of these Dr. Hauschka products we love:


This German brand started its foundation series with five shades (30ml each), and we found that there were quite a few comments saying that the color isn’t right, but one of our friends, who is a make-up artist, suggested that it is always better to pick two foundations to build up the finest complexion, because it’s true that no brand has the exact color shade as you yourself can make!  Just think of your face as a canvas and you would like to mix proportion of different foundations to get to the right shade; don’t forget to use the lighter one on your forehead, bridge of nose and chin to give it a little highlight!  With the finest quality ingredients and natural mineral pigments including macadamia nut oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil to moisturise and protect your skin with sun protection, its rich and creamy texture does blend smoothly and give you a boost on looking pore-less and flawless!


Another thing is that we always receive orders on Dr. Hauschka foundations packed with their concealer sticks, which come in three shades- pale sand, beige rose and suntan, to hide any visible scars; then depending on your routine, or simply follow a golden rule to bring out your features from your brow, eyes and cheeks and lips!  With their range of colors, you can at least build up on 20 looks really, my personal favourite is to give a flick on my eyes by pulling out a winged eye and make sure all my lashes are curled and volumised, what about you?  Let us know your favourite look and we will look for more organic, natural make-up products just for you xx


If you are ready to be (or already are) a fan of Dr. Hauschka, we have their products stocked up for you; what’s more, they are on sale! (27.01.2015)


We just can’t stop loving this brand as its positivity brings changes to the whole industry and it gets more people to become conscious about their owned products.  Remember, you are what you choose to be, so pick smartly, throw away the make-up from the market that’s filled with complicated chemicals, and build a simple lifestyle that you will feel comfortable and great about yourself from inside and out 🙂


Love xx


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