Maria Galland! Merci for the soothing eye mask!

maria-galland-eye-cotour-cooling-mask-95 Maria Galland! Merci for the soothing eye mask!

Our eye area is the thinnest layer of skin (0.5mm!), and we see lists of eye creams or serums in the beauty market try to stand out among its competitors, yet there’s one type of eye product that has been keeping its niche market on the luxury side- eye mask. It’s certainly hard to name one eye mask instantly, eye mask seem to be the highest investment for any skin care companies, to confidently develop a tiny bottle that costs everyone a fortune, when other general products such as cleanser, toner and so on are comparatively “safe” to pay off the cost. Business, you know.

So we are very curious when Maria Galland got this soothing eye mask, what can we get from this historical business from Paris? And our first impression was ‘THICK LIKE A NAPOLEON CAKE!’, its creamy, soft and smooth texture has given us a luxurious experience! From its overall performance, the obvious disappearance of lines and puffiness around the eye area, we highly recommend it for anyone who has a pair of panda eyes, or went out for a night of parties and needs a rescue item in the morning – all it needs is 5 minutes of yours to apply a size of a small bean and a half to cover both eyes, and it will reward you with a refreshing, energising look! We are also pleased that scentless preference of the product, you can tell the eye mask is here to professionally execute its ingredients (included their exclusive Glycengène®) into the very delicate area of your body (Not that scented products are bad, only that our eyes do not need those ingredients to perform any functions).

P.S. We love the package since it uses numbers to label each of their products, our King of Logistic thinks it’s very convenient for him and our NOVAs when they need to search for them. It’s number 95 by the way xx

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Love xx

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