Dos and don’ts of winter skin

Thalgo-Hyaluronique-Hyaluronic-Cream-2-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Dos and don'ts of winter skin

Do you know the dos and don’ts of looking after your skin in winter? Thanks to these tips from Stylecraze, we now know what to do this season…

1. Not protecting your skin before heading outdoors.
We don’t just mean SPF (though of course you already know that sunscreen is just as important in the chillier months as it is at the beach). Your skin also needs a protective layer to help keep its moisture barrier intact. Step out with a naked face and the wind and cold can create tiny cracks in your skin’s surface, leading to redness, dry skin and damage. Slather a lotion with SPF on any exposed areas before venturing out into the cold.

2. Not using a humidifier.
A humidifier is our number one trick to preserving skin’s glow all winter. Not only does adding humidity to dry indoor air help you breathe better, it helps your skin lose less moisture. If you don’t own a humidifier, a bowl of water placed on top of a radiator will also work (it adds moisture to the air as the water evaporates).

3. Washing with hot water.
Whether you’re showering in it, splashing it on your face, or rinsing your hands with it, hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and leaves it parched. Rinse with warm or cool water instead.

4. Peeling flaky skin.
Don’t do this! Peeling off your skin can lead to infection and scarring, and can actually make uneven texture worse. Instead, use an exfoliating product that combines a chemical exfoliant (i.e. an acid or enzyme) with a gentle mechanical exfoliant (A.K.A. scrubbing beads) to slough off dead skin.

We love Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Cream-Gel which is specially designed for dehydrated skin, this refreshing cream-gel works to re-establish optimum hydration levels meaning the skin is restored to its soft, supple and healthy self. Each day, treat your skin to a nourishing and natural blend of antioxidants and Marine Extracts which protect, repair and hydrate. Comfort is restored and your skin is left perfectly moisturised all day long.

Skin is moisturised and left feeling soft, supple and completely protected.
Apply morning and evening to a cleansed face and neck, using light, circular motions. For those with extra dry skin, we recommend using with our Aquamemory™ Moisture Replenish Concentrate.

  • Anti-oxidant Complex: Protects the skin from free-radicals.
  • Osmaporine™ Technology: Helps re-establish optimum hydration levels.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Deeply nourishes the skin.
  • Brown Algae Extract: Softens and smooths the skin.

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