What’s the best way to treat oily skin?

Gatineau-Clear-Perfect-Purifying-Powder-Emulsion-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 What's the best way to treat oily skin?

What’s the best way to treat oily skin?

According to Boots, it’s tempting to use the strongest products on the market to wash away the oil but that’s not the answer.

Don’t overly scrub your skin or use harsh, abrasive cleansers thinking that this will help. It is likely to just inflame your skin and could make it worse. The oil production is increased by irritation, so a stronger cleanser may make your skin produce more oil, which defeats the object.

So when it comes to cleansing go gently.

You may need a couple of different cleansers depending on the time of year. In colder months your skin will naturally be drier so use a very gentle cleanser. In the summer when your skin may be sweaty as well, you may prefer a more thorough, deeper cleaning product.

With oily skin use powder or mineral based cosmetics rather than those that are oil based and avoid crème blushers and eyeshadows, stick to powder-based.

Choose oil-free, water-based cosmetics that are labelled as being ‘non-comedogenic’, which means they should not block the pores and cause spots. Remove make-up at night with mild soap or a gentle cleanser.

Gatineau Clear & Perfect Purifying Powder Emulsion is perfect for those who suffer from oily skin, breakouts and blackheads, this Purifying Powder Emulsion is a non-greasy lotion designed to perfectly balance the skin. Our blend of lentil seed and mint leaf extracts work to reduce redness and minimise pores while normalising surface oils.

Suitable for all ages, especially those with combination/oily skin.


Active ingredients include:

  • Lentil Seed Extract and Salicyclic Acid: Unblocks and tightens pores and limits shine.
  • Mint Leaf Extract: Limits irritations and reduces redness.

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