Are you moisturising your body enough?

Guinot-Lait-Hydrazone-Corps-–-Velvet-Skin-Body-Lotion-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Are you moisturising your body enough?

Are you moisturising your body enough? It’s one of the most important things you can do to stay youthful (exercise and diet are also key), so it makes sense that something that takes two minutes each day should be done with a product that really gives your skin a moisture boost.

Moisturisers often include one or both of two specific types of ingredients: humectants and emollients. According to How Stuff Works, humectants such as alpha hydroxy acids, glycerin and urea work by absorbing water from the air around you and drawing it into your skin. Emollients include ingredients like lanolin, mineral oil or petrolatum, which fill in spaces between skin cells to smooth the appearance and feel of rough, dry skin.

To find a moisturizer that will be the most beneficial to you, you need to consider your skin type. Use a water-based product if you have normal or oily skin, an oil-based moisturizer for dry or mature skin, and a product free of fragrances and dyes for sensitive skin. Once you find something that works, stick with it. However, if it starts to fall short, don’t hesitate to find something new. For example, during the winter months, you might find that your skin is super dry and the lotion you loved all summer just isn’t doing the trick. So, for the winter months, you might consider a richer product like a body cream. Just be careful to review the ingredients and continue to consider your skin type. If you have oily skin, that doesn’t preclude you from taking advantage of a heavier cream during the winter. Just make sure it’s made up of noncomedogenic ingredients (things that won’t clog your pores) like avocado oil, almond oil or mineral oil.

When it comes to moisturisers, other than selecting products suited to your skin type and avoiding ingredients you’re allergic to, there are no fixed rules. You should try a variety of products until you find one that leaves your skin feeling fresh and silky smooth.

Guinot Lait Hydrazone Corps – Velvet Skin Body Lotion is as light as milk and as active as a cream. Hydrazone Corps delicately nourishes the skin thanks to the Argan Oil and soothes even the driest of skin types. It hydrates the skin with a velvet effect and softens the skin after a shower or a bath.

Just make sure to massage gently into dry skin, once or twice a day after a shower or a bath.

It comes complete with argan oil which comes from the argan tree, also called “Tree of Life”. Argan Oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids. Up to 80% of Argan oil contains essential unsaturated fatty acids. It is recognised for its extraordinary nourishing and regenerative properties.

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