Choosing the best hydrating mask for you

Guinot-Masque-Hydra-Beaute-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Choosing the best hydrating mask for you

When looking for new masks to buy, there are three important ingredients that you should look out for and make apart of your regular skincare routine. “The first one is chemical exfoliants (glycolic, lactic, retinol) to remove excess dulling, clogging, and discolouring dead cells that make the skin look tired and older and prevent your other skincare products from doing what they are supposed to do,” Dr. Schultz, a dermatoligist reporting for explains.

The second is topical antioxidant (especially Vitamin C) which help protect the skin from premature aging and dangerous free radical damage, like pollutants. “It’s important to also note that Vitamin C is the only antioxidant that also firms the skin by increasing collagen production, and it also evens skin tone by reducing excess brown melanin,” he shares.

Lastly, you need to look for peptides, which “help make more collagen and hyaluronic acid and to even skin tone,” Dr. Schultz advises.

It might be hard to find all of these ingredients in one mask, so you can also spread them out in your daily skincare regimen. “For cleansers, healing ingredients like glyerin and chamomile are great,” Dr. Bhanusali shares. “After you wash your face you can apply a serum with anti-oxidants (think Vitamin C and E,) which are great to help balance the environmental damage from UV rays. Finally, for nighttime, products that include retinol or retinoids (Vitamin A) are great for cell renewal, collagen stimulation, decreasing vascularity, and improving the appearance of pores.” If you happen to find a mask with some of these very ingredients, you’ll know it’s the real deal!

Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute is hydrating mask for dehydrated skin. It deeply hydrates your skin, so it becomes smooth and supple. Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute refreshes and revives your skins natural radiance.

Active Ingredients:

– “Hydrocyte” liposomes: Liposomes are micro-spheres used in pharmacy as a means of penetration. Their uniqueness is a structure similar to that of cell membranes, which gives them extraordinary properties. “Hydrocyte” liposomes are loaded with water hydrating the epidermis, whilst providing a non-stop source of hydration to the skin.

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