Guinot Epil Confort Corps – After Hair Removal Body Gel

Guinot After Hair Removal Body Gel – Post Epilation

We all know that mixed feeling that emerges whenever we finish epilation, while feeling accomplished with this sudden hairless body, some would worry the razor scratches on pores are widening the size of pores and thus growing thicker and more visible hair, and some would be afraid of ingrown hairs… Abloomnova has tried numerous post epilation products, and here we discovered one which even dry oil is no better than – Guinot After Hair Removal Body Gel.


First, it smooths and hydrates your skin like any other after shave lotion does. But it has been reviewed to be the only product which works to lighten the hair color and help re-grow thinner hair for less hazard in the future.  This body gel is suitable for all skin types in all areas, not only you will get a softer skin with it in the following days, if you apply this on daily basis as an intensive treatment, this process of closing up pores will then slow down and minimized hair regrowth in some areas of your skin so future hair removal should be less painful. While its non-oily gel texture will be absorbed easily without sticking to your clothing, and bringing you to a comfortable stage of feeling wonderful after epilation.


To get the best result from it, scrub your body on weekly basis to make sure your skin can regenerate new skin cells more efficiently!


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