Guinot Epil Confort Visage – After Hair Removal Face Cream

Have I ever mentioned the days when there were less equipped aftercare treatments for hair removal? I still remember the first time pulling those small hairs out of my face – it was extremely painful, as you could imagine, and they went red and got itchy and it was really embarrassing throughout the day (yes I did that before school). Students wouldn’t be that conscious in having any preparation or after treatment to our skin after shaving or literally everything. But I guess we don’t need these habits and telling ourselves to stay youthful and carefree, the best way to feel that energy is to be good to ourselves in every moment, right?


Abloomnova is recommending Guinot After Hair Removal Face Cream today, which is very similar to Guinot After Hair Removal Body Gel, it hydrates, lightens hair and minimize hair regrowth; but to avoid people who are too lazy and trying to kill two birds with one stone and use the body gel on their face – face cream has its own specialty in taking care of sensitive areas like eyebrows, lip area and other waxed facial areas. And with its ingredient bulbaine that slows down hair regrowth and actually destroying hair shafts, you can spot those smaller pores and smoother touch of your face, and I think most of the ladies will be satisfied with – NO MORE MUSTACHE!


So if you are looking for a cleaner, smoother face you should really get the Guinot After Hair Removal Face Cream as soon as possible, to be confident and comfortable with a waxed clean face. Use it daily for a week as an intensive treatment or daily for best results, this little tube with a beautiful scent will gradually become your luxurious choice on face treatment.


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