Summer Accident! Guinot Long Lasting Moisturizing Cream

guinot-creme-hydra-beaute Summer Accident! Guinot Long Lasting Moisturizing Cream

“It’s Denise again! Life is a crazy journey where you sometimes let go of yourself and to encounter many mistakes and accidents before you really learn from them. As far as I positioned that I am a lazy person, my normal skincare routine (without “warm” reminder from my Abloomnova bestie, ha!) is cleansing > toner (rose hydrosol) > sweet almond oil. That’s pretty much it while I am not highly allergic and get rashes over my face, I do pamper myself with a mask (Dr. Hauschka is on discount!) from time to time, but as an official lazy person, I keep my routine minimally minimal.

Here is a roller coaster ride, I found myself looking terrible around June’s approach: open pores, acnes, pimples, irritated, redden skin. And I didn’t know how had happened, I changed my bedding sheet but there’s no change, at that point in time, I ran back to my personal consultant- my Abloomnova friend, for a confession.

After hearing my ‘routine’ I tailored for myself, my friend became horrified and said, “It’s not okay to do that in the summer!” We all tends to have drier skin because of increased exposure to the sun, and in my case, not only particles in sweet almond oil are too big to be absorbed, so when it is mixed with rosewater to create kind of ‘lotion’ to soothe my skin, still daily walking to work and off to lunch, staying in a ice cool environment at office, our skin is easily dried out. I was lucky to keep that minimal routine for weeks, she said it is a must to layer a lotion in my routine, that is: cleansing > toner (rose hydrosol) > lotion > sweet almond oil.

To fix my urgent matter, she sent me the Guinot Long Lasting Moisturizing Cream, that night I generously applied it over my face and neck after toner, followed by oil (they said it helps lock in the lotion from running away to my pillow case).

It is just ONE step, ONE step more and all my problems were gone in a week! If any ladies out there are as lazy as I am, I highly recommend this cream, this pink baby helps my skin stores all the hydration it needs!”

More information about Guinot Long Lasting Moisturizing Cream, it creates a layer of moisture barrier for thirsty skin to drink up, also a layer that stopps our surrounding environment taking away the moisture. Yet it is not heavy and is suitable to wear during the summer days, leaving skin feeling refreshed and soft.

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P.S. Here is the video review as well 😉

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